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    Dear VSL community,

    So I'm considering getting a slave PC for my home studio.

    So far I've been coping with composing with only my i5 iMac (16Gb Ram, 128 ssd and 1tb 7200RPM hard drive). It was enough for me until a new beast came along, Vienna MIR of course! ;)

    I've been looking at some different options and decided to ask for the you guys help!

    - I've found this old pc for sale: DELL PRECISION T5400 - 2 X DUAL QUAD CORE XEON 2.33GHZ (Intel E5410) with 4Gb of RAM (will upgrade it to 32Gb) and 200 Sata Hard drive (will add a second 1TB hard drive and maybe a 128 SSD). I will keep windows 7 and other software on the 200Gb hard-drive and all the samples on the 1TB hard drive.

    This was my main option.

    What do you guys think?

    My main concerns are:

    Is it a too noisy pc?

    Is it better to have a more recent CPU with worse specs (such as an AMD FX8 or a quad i7) or an older PC like this one but with XEON processors?

    Anything else I should look at and be aware of when buying such an old machine?

    All the best!!

  • Also, maybe I should add that I'm planning to have somewhere between 30 to 40 MIR tracks as I'm building my orchestral template. I don't mind freezing tracks now and then though.. working in cubase...