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  • Serious thinking about tuning...

  • I like it .. I may just give this a go ... retuning the VI's to 432 is easy enough. Be interesting to hear the outcome

  • actually this reminds me of the idea that the tempered scale is evil. 

  • So if they were to just retune all of the crappy film music that's produced today from 440 to 432 then it won't be crappy anymore?[^o)]

  • I actually had read about this before, but I find the morphing/"crystallization" of sand and water very interesng at this resonance a very interesting point for speculation and discussion. Also, that the 440 system was (allegedly, I haven't researched it) implemented by the 1940s-Germans, and has remained so since! Like Hetoreyn said, I too may experiment with this using VSL (one more thing that sample-libraries offer).

    Jasen, I don't have to tell you that 40-bar ostinati will sound pernicious at any tuning other than 0... Incidentally Paul (if you're monitoring this), I recently saw an A-grader scored by your good friend Trevor. It seems we were wrong, and that true talent is still rewarded in these very questionable times we live...

  • No, 440 is NOT from the Nazzis. Totally bogus.

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  • Harry Partch had some things to say about tunings involving Wurckmeister and musical decadence.  Not that I understood them though.

  • Interesting video, those patterns look fascinating indeed. At first glance it looks however as if the 440 Hz reference has actually more in common with the 'magical' frequencies video than the 432 Hz reference.  

  • Indeed there have been attempts to "repair" the tempered scale,

    e.g. with 'Hermode Tuning' (i.e. a technique to adust tuning online according to the harmonic context).

    However, while this brings interesting results in some cases, you need different rules for different types of music or harmonics to get acceptable output.

    So we all stick to the tempered scale (...) as we do with the general tuning (440 Hz).

    I remember the situation in my small alpine home valley some 40 years ago: Five brass bands (a. 15-30 musicians, with 1500 inhabitants!) and at least 2(-3) tunings (some people may remark that the 3rd one 'just happened, sometimes'). Joint concerts were a challenge...

    ((The different tunings, i am sure, were not a result of a search for the "universal" tuning...))

    Modern times with more communication brought the people and the tunings together!...

  •  Yes there is a system for "hermode" MIDI though it has not been applied to VSL.  I would like to though. 

    That is interesting about the bands - do you mean that at that time they were using a slightly different tuning system based on their locations? What were the tunings anyway?   I find that kind of regional difference very interesting.