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  • [SOLVED] Bypassing MIR channels - Global Bypass Feature?

    Hey everyone - I posted this as a feature request about a year ago, and just wondering if anyone else agrees with this. I work basically with low latency playing in parts. When working with large projects with a MIR instance on every instrument, if you want to get low latency when [edit] when performing a part* you need to disable every instance of MIR in that project window (not others). So for example if I want to replay a Violin part in my strings project window I have to hit Bypass like 12 times individual click/click/click etc. Then when finished to hear the part in context of the mix I have to re-enable every instance of MIR.

    My point is why can't there be a Global bypass button, like a per project window bypass - so bypassing all the instances of MIR in that window, and there should also be a global bypass buttong that bypasses all MIR instances across the entire server. I don't want one that just does all plug ins because many plugins like compression or eq are low/no latency and it's good to hear what they are doing when performing a part many times. But also it wouldn't hurt to have that feature.

    Does anyone else agree that it's a pain to disable instances like this or are you all working with such powerful machines or small projects that it doesn't matter to you as you have your MIR latency set so low you don't notice it?

  • I would suggest to use the group function for multiple mute/bypass. Should be working fine in this way.


  •  Multiple mute/bybass and more is available since September (version 12785)

    Here is an excerpt out of the VE PRO 5 changelogfile:

    New shortcuts and insert behaviour: 
    •  Holding SHIFT when inserting/removing plug-in will apply to the same insert slot on ALL tracks.
    •  Holding ALT when inserting/removing plug-in, will apply to the same insert slot on SELECTED tracks
    •  The same applies to Bypass. (Shift-Ctrl-Click applies to all, Alt-Ctrl-Click applies to selected tracks)
    •  Moving a plug-in BETWEEN two insert slots will create a complete new row of insert slots.
    •  When a row gets empty, the view will be optimized (the row will be removed).

  • Wow, ok thanks so much for letting me know! I appreciate that. I did check the changelog before posting, but I missed that somehow - sorry!