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  • A little advice for a new vienna customer!

    Hi there So, I currently use the EWQL Symphonic libraries, but I'm finding them extremely limiting in terms of articulations and, though I feel harsh saying so about such an affordable package, recording quality also. With a fairly monumental project coming up for which I'm going to need a much more sophisticated orchestral solution, I've decided to go with Vienna. After much investigation, I'm aware that not having used the libraries before, I'm in for a bit of a learning curve! However, I think from the research I've done I'm satisfied that there isn't an orchestral library out there that comes close, so I think it'll be worth the pain in the long run. So here's my question - I've decided on the Superpackage FULL. This seems the most comprehensive available. I'm also very impressed with what I've heard of MIR pro, so I'm planning on coupling the two. I currently run a system with Logic/Protools 11, mac pro, with a HD Native Thunderbolt system with the HD I/O 8x8x8. I had planned on running the library from an external HDD via thunderbolt - do Vienna offer the libraries already installed on the hard drive, and is there a thunderbolt version available? Do I need any of the additional software packages such as Ensemble pro or Instruments pro, or are they purely vienna's own mixing solution? If anyone out there with some hands on experience could lend a little advice I'd be very grateful. Many thanks in advance -Alan P.S I'm so sorry about the formatting in this post - it doesn't seem to want to pay any heed to my paragraphing I'm afraid, and I can't find any way of formatting to html - sorry!

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    Hi Jiffster,

    Thanks for your interest!

    For the formatting, please set the Content Editor in the "Community" tab to "Enhanced" in your profile (only necessary with some browsers).

    Let´s start from the software side of things:

    Vienna Instruments PRO is our advanced sample player, with a lot of useful features like "Humanize". It sounds like you´re serious about your project, so I´d definitely invest in VI PRO, as it also takes advantage of the speed of SSD drives (load up to 10 times more samples in 1/10 of the physical RAM, 10 times faster!) .

    => SSD drives are the way to go, either internally or connected through a fast data connection like USB 3.

    Vienna Ensemble PRO hosts not only our plug-ins, but ALL your plug-ins (yes, also your 32 bit AU´s) and is a very nice product to keep your template organized. Of course MIR PRO is also well integrated, AND you can use VE PRO to connect multiple computers via LAN, if you need more horsepower.

    The best part: You can test-drive all our software products for 30 days!

    Some more information about the Super Package:

    The Super Package FULL contains nearly all our Vienna Instruments products, with only a few exceptions (that were added over time or don´t really fit in the symphonic world):

    Dimension Strings (still an Early Bird Offer, as we´re still editing parts of the instruments)

    and a few Single Instruments: Bassoon 2, Trumpet (Bb), Flugelhorn, Jazz Drums, Soprano Choir, Upright Bass, Concert Guitar and Overdrive

    Our Video Tutorials should give you a good overview of the possibilities available with our products!

    Now my questions: Which Mac Pro are you using, with how much RAM and which OS?

    You can of course also contact us directly via .



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Many thanks for the response, Paul

    That sounds great, so initially I can just download the standard instrument software and try out the rest - excellent!

    The Mac I'm using is 32GB ram and boosted 3.5GHz with Mavericks

    If it's ok with you, I'll take this offline to have a chat with you on email about making this purchase, I still have some questions about the Hard drive options.



    p.s. hopefully the formatting will be readable now!

  • Hi Paul

    I wonder if you or one of your sales reps might be available to communicate with me off board? 

    I've sent an email to support but I think that's just opened a ticket for me - haven't heard back yet

    Would much prefer to speak to a human if that's feasible!



  • Hi, 

    Just answered your email, sorry for the delay. We´re doing our best to answer within at least 24 hours. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL