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  • VE Pro slave PC with 2 hard drives?


    I currently have a PC with a hard drive of 250GB. If I use it as a VE Pro slave, ideally I would like to store the majority of my samples on the slave PC. Thus I would need a bigger hard drive.

    Can a slave PC hold 2 hard drives (or more): one for the OS/VE Pro/programs/etc, and the other just for samples? If so, how would that work...some internal connection? Or does everything have to be on one hard drive for the slave?

  • I've never had any studio computer that had fewer than 2 dirves, and most of the ones I've had for the last 8 or 9 years have had 4 or 5. You should use one drive for your OS and programs and the other for the samples. Directory Manager will tell the VSL software where to look, so there is no problem.


  • Gotcha, that makes sense. Not sure why directory manager escaped my mind...