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  • VEP 5 - Latency Buffer Question..

    Hello, I am currently demoing VEP 5. I run it through Logic Pro X and am using it foremost as a live tool, so LogicPro is actually in standby mode all of the time throughout my show. I was using Logic Pro X at a buffer setting of 128 and occasionally I would hit the limit and start hearing the crackles. Otherwise it was okay. So when I tried VEP 5 I was at first impressed. Now my LPX buffer is up to 64 and VEP instances (5 in total - 2 EW PLAY/3 KONTAKT) are all set to '1 BUFFER, 64 samples'. At this setting I am happy but do occasionally peak also. So is there really any difference between my LPX/VEP template (2x64 = 128) and my LPX only template (128). That may sound obvious, but is it really worth me buying VEP5 if the maximum I can get is basically the same as LPX i.e. hitting my peak CPU power at 128 buffer?! Or do I misunderstand the set up? As I say my only concern is getting the best 'live' set up buffer setting without getting CPU hits. Thanks in advance! Any advice welcomed!

  • As you are using Logic, I think you should investigate whether or not it is just the one core problem, rather than anything else. I would also try to see whether or not there is a better host to use. As it's for live playing, you don't need most of what Logic is good at, so there may be other, better options.


  • Hi DG, thanks for the quick reply. despite being well informed on the 'single-core issue' of Logic it had never occurred to me that it may restrict the VEP server. I was under the impression that to have VEP5 running in Logic was the answer! But possibly not. The two main reasons that I am now committed to Logic is firstly after demoing every DAW under the Sun I found Logic to be by far the most reliable when using foot pedals to switch sounds at fast speed and secondly (this may seem like a small thing but is extremely important to the show) Logic has that nice big display that can tell me which sound is currently on the instrument. I've tried them all - MainStage, DP8, Cubase 7, Pro Tools, Reaper.....and Logic does the job in that capacity - not to mention the flexibility in Environment. So I guess it's a stalemate situation at this point. More to the point investing in VEP5 may not be the answer sadly :(

  • OK, one more suggestion. Run VEP as a standalone, and use a virtual MIDI cable from Logic.


  • Brilliant DG, I'll play with it tomorrow. Thanks for the help!