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  • VEP5 Mono Channels Best Practice

    I am trying to determine the best method of sending multiple mono signals from VEP5 to ProTools. For example this is how I would setup two mono synths: 1. Setup two mono soft synth instrument channels with different instruments. 2. Set both mono channels to OUT3/OUT4. 3. Replace the Stereo Pan insert with the Matrix Mixer. 4. Configure the Matrix Mixer on one channel so that L is 0.0 db, set the other so that R is 0.0db. 5. In PT create two mono Aux Channels. Set the input of one to VEP5 Out 3/4.L, set the other to VEP5 Out 3/4.R. Is this the optimal, or is there a way to setup external VEP5 mono outputs and assign them to mono channels within VEP5? Is this also optimal for a multi-timbral drum synth, where you may want some channels in stereo, others in mono?