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  • Update Confusion

    I had to do a lot of updates and installs. Just a suggestion but if you have seen the Native Instruments "Service Center' application for updating their software, it is really beautiful. I don't have to go to any website and it knows what I need. It's getting complicated when I have a lot of software. Some of the preset Matrixes are not installed by the Vienna Download Manager. The Download Manager ought to know what I need, get it and if I wish, install it. I don't like visiting websites that much unless I have a problem.

  • I don't understand the obsession some people have with constantly updating as if it is always necessary to do so.  If it isn't broken then don't fix it[:D]

    If you're having a lot of performance problems or you're using a new sequencer/notation software or the software has to be compatible to something else that you've installed or there is just this egregious flaw (bug) that annoys you then, yes, go ahead and update, otherwise, leave well enough alone.

    But if you must...

    User Area + (Instrument Collections, Single Instruments, Software, Whatever) ... Updates.