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  • Vienna suite presets folder on OSX 10.8.4

    I´m trying demo of Vienna Suite. Very basic question - can´t find the folder with VIenna Suite presets on my Mac Book Pro 10.8.4, the path which is mentioned in the manual is: "OS X: [Macintosh HD]/Shared Items/Vienna Suite Presets/[PluginName] [Macintosh HD] is the name of the harddisk the operating system is installed on" - The folder /Shared Items/ doesn´t exist. I made visible the hidden folders - without result. Wanted to use presets of Beat Kauffmann, he recommended to make new preset with special memorable number and then make a search - but it didn´t help. I was searching now in the forum but didn´t find the answer. I think that it is very simple but I need your help to move finally and try what I want. Maybe demo has restrictions? Thank you, V. Kibanov