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  • updates to libraries

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I cannot find out. I want to check whether my libraries are up-to-date, i.e. whether or not I need to download any updates to the libraries. How can I figure this out? I find various pages on the websites with updates but cannot clearly see whether I require them or not, or whether maybe I have already done that (a year or two ago) and forgot about it. For instance I find no version number on the data sets of my appasionata  strings, so how do I know I have to download and install the updates? The same for my special editions: on the website there is Special Edition DVD Library update: it does not say which special edition, and is DVD something else still. I bought them the regular way (in a box)?

    Any help greatly appreciated, cheers, Bob.

  • If it's instrument collections,

    1. go to your user area 

    2. "Instrument Collections" tab 

    3. DVD Library Updates

    Then you should see a list of all the updates for the collections that you have registered.  If you haven't updated anything since you registered the products then it's probably a good idea to download the update(s) and install it(them). 

    If it's single instruments,

    Step 1 above 

    2. "Single Instruments" tab 

    3. Library Updaes

    At least that's how I do it[;)]

  • Thanks a lot jasensmith!

  • For the solo strings:

    2013-06-23 is the date of just the downloader  updating,

    or actually  there is something that worths to be updated in the library?