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  • Real Time Animation Scoring Demonstration Video

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    Our first new and very special video giving you the change to watch over the shoulder of Film and TV Composer Guy Michelmore as he scores a cue in real-time.

    There will be more videos weekly, with a special interview from one of the top composers in Hollywood (Yes, you would've definitely heard of him!!) coming next week or you can gain early access on our Facebook Page so be sure to give us a like!

  • Which VSL products are being demonstrated in the video?


  • Hi DG,

    Guy uses VSL Solo Winds, specifically flute and clarinet in this video (Although he does use the full VSL Woodwinds for the rest of the series). The Harp is also a VSL instrument and obviously he is using them all in conjunction with other sample libraries.


  • That was very interesting.  Thanks for posting that.

  • Wow, thanks for posting! Interesting way of scoring.