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  • Imperial Directory Manager Fail


    I've just moved my VI libraries over to a new external HDD (USB 3) for use with a new retina MacBookPro (2.6 GHz Intel i7, 16GB 1600 MHz, Mac OS 10.9). 

    After running Directory Manager for Vienna Instruments, removing the references to the old locations, and adding the new folder, I can use Vienna Instruments both in standalone, and as an instrument within Logic Pro X.  Everything is straightforward and fine there.

    However, even after running the same process with the Directory Manager in the Vienna Imperial folder I always get "The selected position file could not be found." whether I choose close, player or distant.

    I have even trashed the Directory Manager from the Vienna Imperial folder and copied the Directory Manager over from the Vienna Instruments folder to try to find a fix.

    My licenses are present and correct, and I can find the three position .dat files no problem on my external HDD.

    At this point I don't know where to turn to fix this Imperial directory manager issue.  Is there a preference file I need to trash somewhere?  I'm hoping there's a more intelligent solution than to hunt out my original DVDs and waste my day feeding them into my new machine...  Fingers crossed...

  • I can add that when I use the Directory Manager within the Vienna Imperial standalone application to remove the previous directory location references, add the new ones and restart the application (under the instruction of a dialog box that asks me to do so in order to action the changes I made in the directory manager), I find that the application does not remember my changes and defaults to the previous settings.

    How can I reinstall the Vienna Imperial standalone application?

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    Hi pauljones,

    The latest version of the Imperial Player is available here.

    If that doesn´t help, please send some screenshots with a reference to this thread to .



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL