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  • host tempo sync


    I have a little problem using the sequencer in VIP2.

    Using the VIP trough ensemble, I can't sync the phrases at the host tempo (on pro tools).

    Using the only VIP all works good..

    Someone knows the reason?



  • Hi!

    Nobody has my problem??

  • Hi Lidia,


    Please share at least basic specs of your system (Mac or PC? OS?...etc...), as well as versions of all involved software, so we can better help you.


    Best, Marnix

  • Hi, 

    thanks for your answer.

    I'm using a mac pro with pro tools 11, VE and VIP2


  • Hi Lida,


    Ah, we are talking about the free Vienna Ensemble!


    I am afraid I have to confirm that VE, unlike VE Pro, will indeed not properly handle host tempo information, so you will have to set the tempo of the APP Sequencer manually.


    Best, Marnix


  • Ok.. thanks very much

    Good music!!