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  • A.Dvorak "New World" symphony excerpt MIR Pro 24 + MIRacle

    Here's a work in progress demo, featuring a blend of VSL SE and SampleModeling instruments, powered by VE Pro + VI Pro + MIR pro24 + MIRacle enhancer:

    Comments and suggestions are wellcome,


  •  This sounds good but I am wondering exactly what instruments were used on each part. 

  • Thank you! Instrument are placed on the "Modern saal" stage, 7th row + MIRacle Modern saal hybrid ehancer. All the VSL SE instrument are using their MIR instrument set-up, and all the 3rd party are using the Cardioid (EH and Brass) or HyperCardioid (Clarinets) set-up.

    The instrumentation is made of:

    1 SWAM English Horn

    2 SWAM Clarinets

    2 VSL SE Bassoons (VI pro, sustain and legato)

    2 SampleModeling Trumpets

    1 VSL SE Trumpet (VI pro, sustain)

    3 SampleModeling Horns

    3 SampleModeling Trombones

    1 SampleModeling Tuba

    VSL SE Timpani (VI pro, rolls + single hit)

    VSL SE Orchestral Strings (VI pro, sustain and legato)

    (V1, V2, Violas, Cellos, Doublebasses)

  •  It is one of the most beautiful pieces ever composed.  Good luck on your work! 

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