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  • MIDI connection to Cubase and VEP server

    Ok, so in Cubase 6 I can route my MIDI channels (output) to multiple inputs on the VEP server. In Cubase 7 there is only 1 MIDI input available, so matter how many I have selected in the instances preferences. I obviously need to fix this because 1 MIDI channel per instance is not going to cut it. What do I do here? Why is it different for Cubase 7?

  • Hi VirtualVirgin,

    Could it be that you are referring to MIDI PORTS?

    In Cubase 7, make sure that you have loaded the VST 3 version of the VE PRO Server Interface. Unfortunately Steinberg decided to make them appear identical, so try both versions and remember which one is VST3. 

    If I misunderstood, please send some screenshots to , so that I can see what you see!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL