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  • Velocity X-Fade automation/CC problem

    Hi - 

    I'm using velocity x-fade on all my instruments in one instance of VEP.   Noticing a weird glitch on a few tracks, where the ON button in the VXF slider gets tripped to OFF every time I stop my DAW.   No matter how- transport, space bar, etc, and only on stop, never start, so I don't think it's a CC message, but is there any way to see if the on/off button is assigned to a midi CC #?    Is there anything else that could be causing this?   Happens in brand new sessions with no automation written...



    1. What sequencer?
    2. You can see the assignment in the Advanced view.


  • If anyone else has enountered this - I deleted the Velocity X-Fade assignment to the faders in the instance and put them on different faders - seems to have solved the problem...