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  • Mozart - Church sonata K336

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    I created this a while ago in an attempt to start develop some orchestration skills. Church sonata K336 for 2 violins bass and organ as a small concerto movement for clarinet and small classical orchestra (2 oboes, bassoons, 2 horns and strings as I couldn't find a role for flutes and second clarinet).

    Today I revisited and remixed this during a test run of MIR. Since I think the mix is more clear and the parts ore more intelligible now, I saw an opportunity to ask for some feedback on the orchestration. If such is possible by audio.

    Another question is that as I can't recall doing harmonic analysis and assigning notes to staves in the Logic piano roll/score editor a particular joyous occupancy, whether doing this in Sibelius or something similar is going to make it less of a burden/easier to experiment.



  •  That sounds great - the clarinet solo is very well done and the mix seems very good also.  I thought maybe the clarinet should be more centered and a little more upfront?  Not a big deal though. The cadenza is really good too - did you improvise that or is it a written one? 

  • Hi William, 

    Thanks for your feedback. I also liked the cadenza al lot. I considered to use someting else and compared a lot of other cadenzas. Most are much closer to the original material and perhaps a bit more run of the mill. 


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