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  • VEPRO in LOGIC ??

    I am used to working with VEPRO in Protools and find everything there perfectly logical, however in Logic (no pun intended :-)) I simply cannot figure out how to route the various outs of VEPRO (out1-2 to out31-32) to actual various physical outs in logic. Sorry for such a dumb question, but any help would very much appreciated.

    Cheers, Bob

    PS I am still using an old version of logic (7.2.3) for compatibility with some older VI's, but other than that everything is up to date (Mac OSX 10.8.3 and latest VEPRO).

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    Hi songman,

    Did you check out the "Routing" chapter at the end of your VE PRO 5 Manual, this shows the routing options in all major sequencers in detail!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Dear Paul,

    Yes I have, but the problem is that from page 58 I am on my own since I still use Logic 7.2.3, I do not have a + sign under S and cannot add a channel as in the picture on page 58. None of the types of channels I can add look like the one in the picture and I can never make the input of that channel receive one of the 16 outputs of VEPro.

    Cheers, Bob.

  • OK I figured it out

    1. Create a new audio object in the environment.

    2. Make this an aux track.

    3. Go to mixer view, select new audio instrument.

    4. Make that audio instrument the aux you created in the environment, this allows inputting the outs of VEPro.

    Now to solve the "one midi channel problem" :-)!

    Cheers, Bob.

  • To solve the 1 midi channel problem:

    Back in my Logic 7 days (ah life was so simple then) you had to create a midi multi-instrument in Logic and cable it to your VEP pro instrument. ensure the instrument receive channel is on ALL not 1 as can be the case.


    If you're on 10.8 but using Logic 7 you're asking for trouble, friend.

    Either put your system back to Snow Leopard or Tiger or move up to Logic 9 (if you can find it. Logic 10 is not really great yet.)

    Good Luck.


  • Thanks Amin, for the time being I am indeed going to stay with 10.6.8, and follow your advice!

    Cheers, Bob