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  • Confused about Room Packs and autorization

    Hi, I bought MIRPRO24 and installed it on a new PC including the Roompacks I am entitled to with the purchase. I put the Konzerhaus.vmi files on my PC and told MIR where to find them but it said I have to download new ones and buy a license? I don't understand.

  • Here is the alert: "An older version of RoomPack 1 Vienna Konzerthaus has been detected on your system. Please download and install the latest version from your USER AREA: (link) This new Vienna Konzerthaus RoomPack also requires a separate license. We have sent the Activation Code to download this new license to your registered email address!" So what's the deal? I don't have any new authorization code. I just want to use the original RoomPack I got when I purchased the MIRPRO24. As it is now the MIRPRO24 will not load any venues so it's useless.

  • Ok, so I found an old email detailing the problem with the split license between MIR and the Room Packs, I downloaded the new files as instructed, used the new code to authorize the software on my eLicenser, then I went into MIR Prefernces and told MIR where the files are but I get nothing. It doesn't even see the files in the browser. What is going on?

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    Hi VirtualVirgin,

    If you have installed the latest MIR RoomPack1 and the latest MIR PRO and VE PRO Software, you should be fine.

    The only thing I can think of is that the path to your Roompacks (in the MIR PRO / VE PRO Preferences) is wrong.

    Feel free to send screenshots of your Preferences and the location of your installed MIR PRO Roompack Data (in your Finder/Explorer) to , with a quick reference to this thread!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi. Still problems. I sent screenshots to the support email. I def have all the latest versions of MIRPRO24, VEP5 and the Konzerhaus Room Packs and all authorized on my eLicenser. I dunno what to do.

  • Hi VirtualVirgin,

    has your problem been resolved in the meantime?


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library