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  • Using two elicensers for VE Pro

    I have a master/slave setup working now using VE Pro 5. I have two elicensers, one new and empty, and one with all my VSL licenses (VE Pro 5, Chamber Strings I and II, Epic Strings). I'd like to put one of the three licenses for VE Pro 5 on the new elicenser so I don't have to constantly swap the one back and forth between the two machines.

    When I look at my VE Pro 5 license in the License manager, though, it says that the VE Pro licenses are part of a collection and can't be separated out. This doesn't make any sense to me - what's the point of having three licenses if they all sit on the same key?

    Everything is registered properly. Any tips?



  • I have my VE Pro 5, Vienna Suite and one VE Pro 4 on one dongle, and two other keys with library items, one with a VEP 4 license. The former has VEP 5 tied with the qualifying VEP 4.

    IE: initially I put the VEP4 licenses on three different dongles. It probably still resides on one that isn't plugged in. What else is in that collection specifically?

  • Operator error once again. I bought VE Pro and Chamber Strings at the same time. Unless I activated these in a fugue state, Chamber Strings, Epic Orchestra, and one instance of VE Pro were activated automatically. I completely missed the email with the activation codes (traveling), so when I went to the LCC, I assumed that the three licenses for VE Pro were activated. Not so, and Paul straightened me out. All is well...