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  • Using a new slave and dealing with a large metaframe

    Morning all.

    Have spent some time working on a number of instances which are all tied together with a metaframe on my slave. Each instances contains loads of channels and these open up various plugins where the sample content is found on various drives connected.

    I am setting up a new faster more powerful slave. The idea is to placed the content on the old slave on the new slave (including all the sample data). Whilst the basic file structure will be the same (e.g. say within the Native Instruments sample folder), the drive letters and locations will be different.

    So, if I copy over the metaframe onto the new slave and try and open it - it will of course go wrong as it will try and load plugins and data from drive / drive letters that do not exisit. What will happen - will it just hang ? 

    What I was wondering, if there an easy way to edit the instances within the metaframe to change over the drive letters (etc) that everything is loaded from? 

    In effect, I would like to be able to load the metaframe on the new slave - I know it will go "wrong"  - go in and change the drive letters etc - then save and off we go.

    Am I making this all really complicated or a fuss about nothing ?

    Thanks for your help.