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  • Vienna Key - question

    Hi All

    I have VE Pro 5, several instrument packs etc on my slave PC. I am upgrading my PC this weekend.

    I was going to install all the products again on the new PC. 

    In simple terms, if I simply do this then unplug the key from the old slave and then into the new PC - that should be it  -right? 

    No uninstalling or anything like that?

    I actually plan to buy a new key so I can run Native Instruments stuff via VE Pro 5 on the older slave at some point, but for the moment I really just want to do a swap. Anything I am missing here?



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    Hello Ionactive,

    So you are actually not upgrading your existing PC, but you are getting a new PC, right?

    Here is a link to the procedure to transfer your products to a new computer (FAQ #2).

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL