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  • Expression map Cubase issue

    Hello dear useres and admins. I am using Cubase 7 and I have Vienna Special Edition 1 and PLUS and Vienna Suite. I loaded to Cubase properly VST Expression Maps (as it has been shown in the tutorial movie) to Cubase. I am trying now to configure Expression Map to use it in Cubase , I can already set up different articulations , everything works fine except one thing. The names of different articolations in the Key Editor window, in the Controler line called ''Articulations'' don't appear, so I can attach new articulation, but I don't see what kind of.. And it makes me confused. I can send a picture of my issue if you need it. Please, help me if you can

  • Hi szawadzki

    This may be an obvious answer but did you try expanding the controller lane in the key editor vertically so other articulations appear? Also, when you add further articulations in the expression map editor, do you save that map and then re-activate the map on the relevant track? 

    hope that helps. if not can you post a picture up.