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  • Dimension Strings CELLOS are ready for you!!

    Dear Dimension Strings Enthusiasts, 

    Your patience has paid off, the next portion of your Dimension Strings purchase, the immensely great sounding Dimension Strings Cello Section, is ready and waiting in your User Area!

    And while we´re already digging into the editing process of the Dimension Violas to get ready for the next addition, enjoy the anticipation as short as the highly improved download takes (25 GB).... and then explore, enjoy, indulge in the sound of the Dimension Strings Cellos. 

    With best wishes from the whole VSL Team in Vienna!!

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  It is good to know that. :P

  • How big is the download?


  • It's 25 GB. 

    Congratulations on completion of this huge task! I am so excited to add these to the awesome Dimension Violins which have already expanded immensely the VSL strings!   The level of complexity of VSL string sounds is about to create a singularity which may collapse the Local Group of galaxies.    

  • After playing around with Dimension Cellos for half an hour or so, I am really impressed. As always, when it comes to VSL. Hats off to everyone at VSL for this accomplishment. Your products are next to nothing. The completed Dimension Strings will be a great opportunity for me to learn to write more complex string arrangements. I'm really looking forward to the violas coming up next!

  • Hello, and Congratulations to the VSL Team for releasing VSL-Dimmension Cellos   [D]

    I will be installing it via my Vienna-Drive. (Which needs to be updated to include VSL-Dim Cellos, and some of the newer MIR Packs) I will be shipping it to iLio to be updated.   

    I'm very excited, and looking forward to use Dim-Cellos in my productions.  Next will be VSL Dim-Violas



  • WOW!!! BRAVO!!! They sound AMAZING!!! Pat yourselves on the back!  It's great to see a company that has Your vision and the highest standards as well.  You have my un-waivering support!! Keep it up!!!

  • Thanks Paul for the release of these amazing Dimension Cellos !!!!  All this promises many sleepless nights [:$]

    I just remix my last Vivaldi with them ...Vivaldi estate with Dimension Cellos

    Thanks again to all VSL team : you are the best, guys !



  • Today I am glad I went ahead and paid for the Early Bird Special!  Awesome...

  • These do indeed sound amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  • HI,

    Am trying to DL the DS Cellos' but it seems the servers have stopped serving [:(]

    Anyone else having the same problem?



  • Hi Paul, Thanks!!! Very nice and the sound is beautiful!! But: I cannot load the presets: it says that it was saved with a newer version of VIPro...... I installed the update to VIpro and than installed the Dim Cello again but it didn't work.... Any ideas? Thanks, Frank

  • Hi MacDude, 

    Sorry to hear about the trouble. Where are you located? 

    Please contact us at  with some information about your location and your IP address. 

    @ FrankyJoy, 

    Could you send some screenshots to our support team as well, please?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • It is working now! Thanks to updating VE pro as well as VIpro. Frank

  • Hi Paul

    It turns out to be my ISP which has now been corrected. Only 9hrs 17mins to go [:D]



  • Will there also be an overview video?!



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    @FrankyJoy said:

    It is working now! Thanks to updating VE pro as well as VIpro. Frank

    What specific updates are needed?

  • Hi, 

    Please update ALL software products with every new purchase, otherwise the new products will simply not be recognized/implemented, and you might miss some features as well. 


    We are not planning to release an overview video - the Dimension Cellos are structured in the same way as the Dimension Violins, so I don´t believe this will be necessary. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Just as the Violins the Dimension Cellos are fantastic! Been working them into some of my compositions over the last few days and they have definitely added much more depth and expression and realism. This is a DREAM for all virtual orchestrators out there. Thank you SO much VSL team. You've made my dream come true, to hear my compositions beautifully orchestrated, just as if they were real.

  • Just got the email .. donwloading now and REALLY looking forward to it. YAY!!!!