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  • need help file vsl vienna instrument "package.nfo" missing

    Hello everyone!
    I hope to be in the right sections.
    then here is the possessor of at bosendoerfer imperial vsl, I can not use my bank's on my external hard disk because I do not have  copy and paste
    the package.nfo  file that is on the dvd1 I lost . suddenly, I can not use my bank's.
    So I wonder if a charitable soul had also the vsl and could send me the file I'm missing.

    (sorry for my english)


  • I board finally got their hands on one dvd with the file
    Then I board the target folder located on my external hdd with directory manager.
    Then I run the sampler i have instaled on   c:/ but the sampler d'ont find the bank's he puts me "empty preset"

    anyone have an idea?

  • Hi, Please check this