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  • Is there Good Controller Surface for VEP?

    Wondering if anyone is using a great control surface with VEP5. I want to use VEP5 in live situations and have access to load  8-16 sounds. Possibly using key switch but defiantly volume-pitch bend-mute maybe organ drawbars and be able to assign each function to acceptable midi channels. I am using a StudioLogic VMK88 and it only transmits to VEP5 on one midi channel so I was considering  adding  to compliment my keyboard. Anyone using any surface with VEP that can make recommendations will really help 

    Nektar Panorama'

    Novation Zero SLmk2

  • I -very- much like my M-Audio Axiom. All the knobs/levers auto-magically map onto VEP and Cubase without having to 'do' -anything-. Amazing.

    The bad news? They only make a 61 note version so I'm also searching for an 88 key controller. For some reason, all the 'auto-map' keyboards these days seem to be getting -smaller-.