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  • [SOLVED] Mir Error: "There's No Roompack available ..."

    I'm trying to load a Vienna Ensemble Pro project on one of our 2 systems which run Mir.   When I try and load it I get an error saying:

    There's no roompack available contqaining the required venur ... Please make sure to have the proper Roompack installed and set the correct Roompack data folder ...

    The data folder address is correct - I've checked - but it still won't load any roompacks, and I can't get rid of this problem and load my session.

    Is this a result of the new Mir packaging, such that no roompacks are now included?   I've got Mir Pro on one system, Mir 24 on the other, separate licenses for each.  Do I now need additional licenses for the RoomPacks whcih came with Mir when I purchased them?

     I have to confess the new Roompack/Mir restructuring has me a little confused.  I just really need my sessions which contain Mir, on both systems to load and work correctly.

    Thanks for any help.


  • Hi Jules,

    which venue did you use in the project? Is it possible to create a new project using this venue on the same machine?

    Thank you, Florian

  • Hi Florian - thanks for your response.

    The project is trying to load Konzert Haus Grosser Saal v2.   I don't know if the 'v2' has any significance.

    Yes - if I create a new instance in a clean project, then I can add Konzert Haus Grosser Saal in Mir no problem.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Ap[ologies Florian - it looks like I have two RoomPacks folders on my system.  One has the V2 presets, the other doesn't.  For some reason, when I installed the latest Mir update, it reset the preferences such that it was looking for the RoomPack files in the wrong folder.   I checked this previously and saw the RoomPacks were there, but hadn't realized I also had a different folder.

    Everything now appears to be fine.

    Thansk again.


  • Hi Jules,

    good to hear that everything's fine now!

    It's been quite a while since we switched the RoomPacks to "v2". If there's no important old projects or other "compatibility reasons" to keep the old RoomPacks, you should just use new versions.

    Best, Florian