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  • Does the edit vst instrument show VEP GUI yet?


    I have been wanting to purchase VEP for a long time, however my only gripe is that when you press the "Edit VST instrument" icon in Cubase or any other DAW, the VEP server GUI shows up instead of the VEP instance that has the actual virtual instrument. 

    I know some people might think that this is not so important but for my workflow it is a very important thing as I am constantly tweaking the VST instruments I am using and I also have invested a lot of money on controllers that allow me to open the instrument's GUI with the touch of a button. 

    I remember that it was mentioned here that this would be something to be implemented in the future. Does this feature exist yet? If not is it going to be implemented in a future update. That's the only thing that keeps me from purchasing this excellent piece of software. 

    Thanks in advance

    1. No
    2. Don't know.


  • Thank you DG, I wasn't actually expecting this feature before a major update. It would be good to know whether it is going to be implemented though. 

  • Any updates on this feature being implemented ? (Maybe in VEP6?)? 

    Or a workaround ? :)

  • Yes, there is a button called MIDI Activity Focus which will jump to the selected channel on MIDI activity. 

  • This sounds promising!

    So does that mean that when I click on the Edit Vst Instrument icon in Cubase (or even more importantly on my controller, the CC121) will I get the instrument's GUI instead of the generic VEP gui?

  • No you don't have to click on anything. VEPro detects when MIDI data (any type) is coming in and will focus on the instrument GUI. When multiple tracks are playing simultaneously it will sometimes jump between them. What I do is just stop my sequence, record enable only the track I want VEPro to jump to and just play something. Obviously you can't then play your sequence and continue  to edit the instrument because data from multiple tracks will start coming in again. So you just temporarily disable the MIDI Focus Function (it's a very obvious button). Trust me, it's one of the best things in VEPro.

    Just as a point of clarification, VEPro doesn't open WITHIN Cubase. It's a seperate app. I always have VEPro up on a secondary monitor. 

  • IE: VE Pro Server connects to Cubase as though a plugin; the server window is what Cubase identifies as the plugin. VE Pro is itself not a plugin in Cubase.
    This thing you want isn't going to happen.

  • I am familiar with VEP, I have demoed the product extensively .

    The reason I am asking is because I had asked here before and I was informed that the developing team are trying to implement this but they were not sure if and when.

    i guess one way to implement this would be when you press the edit instrument button VEP triggers the right instrument to show up.