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  • Cloudstone Soundtrack

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    Hi all, I just released my first album - soundtrack to a casual fantasy game that is available online, named "Cloudstone". 20 tracks, approx. 50 minutes. I worked really hard to make a lush, agile, and full sound, and each track tries to capture a uniqe expressive mood.

    I've put some preview tracks up on my soundcloud page. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and feedback!

    Last Dance of the Woodland Fairies

    En Garde!

    Rise of the Demon King

    I think "En Garde!" and "Last Dance of the Woodland Fairies" will appeal to the VSL crowd; "Rise of the Demon King" is more of a popular cinematic song rather than a composition. The entire orchestra is VSL. Some parts of the choir are also VSL, but not entirely. I owe a very big THANK YOU to everyone on the VSL team for making such a virtual orchestra possible.

    Click here to buy the Cloudstone Soundtrack on iTunes! The album is also available on Google Play, CD Baby, and several other music services. A physical CD will be available in a few weeks - if you would like me to send a message to remind you when the CD becomes available, please let me know!

    Thanks for listening.

  • I just listened to "Woodland Fairies" - a beautiful piece, and a perfectly balanced, very transparent mix. Congratulations!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Wow, great tracks. I particularly like Rise of the Demon King, and yes orchestral dubstep works for me the way you do it [H]

  • That's good to know about the orchestral dubstep =)

    Thanks to both of you for the comments!

  • The En Garde is very adventurous sounding and all the music is really imaginative.  Sounds like Douglas Fairbanks and Erroll Flynn leaping onto rooftops with swords!   YOur mix is great on these too - it is very clear, but full sounding.

  • Thanks WIlliam =)

  • Oh hell yeah!  I would love to play this game just to have your music rev me up!

    The dubstep thing was slick too. Awesome work. 

  • Thanks - glad you like it!  You can find the game on Kongregate or Facebook, just search for "Cloudstone".  I think it has a decent following of players, but realistically I think the majority of them turn off the music to play the game more competitively... oh well.

  • Hi Suon,

      Just listened to "Woodland Fairies" a few times.  Very nice!  I like the string build up that follows your opening theme.  And I'm very impressed with your mix!  A pleasure to listen to.  (I think those Fairies are still pretty upbeat, though.  I didn't quite hear the tragedy of their demise.)

      Good work, Suon.  I'm going to buy your CD.                  Best,    Tom Miller

  • Hello,

    Congratulations on your new album !  

    Very well done, enjoying your music. 

    All The Best,


  • Thanks to you both!   I'm very happy that you are enjoying it.   It's interesting to hear that you don't feel the fairies are sad.  For me, I always imagined the final swell at the end to be the final fairy's last exhale before their beaufitul magical glow fades away.  But it's completely legitimate to see something else in the piece. =)

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