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  • Logic's Process Buffer Range & VE Pro

    Hello, the VE Pro manual has always stated that Logic's Process Buffer Range should be set to 'medium' - but is there any reason I shouldn't set it to 'large' if I need to squeeze a little more performance out of my main machine?  I have 3 Macs total networked with VE Pro (still on version 4.1.10988) and it's always worked perfectly, but I recently added EW Hollywood Strings & Brass, so I need every bit of extra CPU I can spare.  Any input appreciated!


  • The only reason not to go for "Large" is that it increases latency. If you set it to large and find the latency workable, then your machines will all thank you for it, and you will be able to eek a little more performance out of your setup. FWIW, I always run my Logic / VEP templates @ 512 samples, large, 2 buffers.

  • My setup is buffer large/ 1024 sample and 0 buffer

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