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  • Very disappointed about lack of infos

    Okay, I admit it: It was may fault to purchase without reading every single page on this website. Based on many YouTube demos, I have finally purchased my first Vienna Instrument and was hoping to get what I saw. Instead, I cannot use KONTAKT as a player engine, but had to install another proprietary engine again (first PLAY now Vienna Instruments) and need to keep all fingers crossed that it will work on Logic Mac. All the popup windows during the launch of Logic look less than promising and it seems that I can now move from a once stable system to one which goes to instable due to "whatever-is-loaded-in-the-background" stuff. This for sure was the WORST software installation experience I´ve had in a very long time (even as a beta tester for many big companies). I hope that at least the sounds are good... why is there no clear mention on the single instruments page how everything works? I mean "entitles you to download the free player" sounds like a can-do-that and not like a must.