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  • Help? Vepro 4: Not seeing slave anymore.

    VEpro on the DAW is working locally, but the instances on the client are not shown anymore.

    My DAW has been through two changes of late. The video card was replaced, and the router/gateway is a new one. I'll ilustrate because this is where I'm guessing the problem might be.

    -- The previous router gateway was a wireless router. Internet was coming in and being served to wired and wireless clients in the studio.
    wall --> internet port
    DAW --> port 1
    slave --> port 2
    -- The new router is set up differently... it is a client... in other words, only the 1-4 ethernets are being used... wireless turned off
    wall ---> port 1
    DAW --> port 2
    Slave --> port 3
    printer --> port 4
    -- The builds on the DAW and slave do match. And they've been up and downgraded just as an experiment but neither of the two most recent builds solves my problem.

  • It's likely that this router comes with a firewall, probably blocking the ports VE Pro uses for its networking. The ports that need to be opened for full functionality are the following:

    - 6472 (TCP)
    - 6473 (TCP)
    - 6474 (UDP)
    - 6475 (UDP)
    - 6476 (UDP)
    - 6477 (UDP) 

  • I neglected to mention, I'm not especially good with network type stuff especially on a PC. But I'll try to figure out how to open ports. Thank you!