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  • Dimension Strings con Sordino?

    Question: Is there DS con Sordino plannend? I presume, that there will be a separate library? you can answer this question with "yes" or "no" ;-D. thank you grey

  •  OK, I take the risk and say, yes. But please no requests when the stuff will be available.



  • Oh my god, I love you Herb.  Thank you SO much for just responding to that question!  :)  I literally just about bought another library because of the fact they had matching sordino's to their normals.  Just knowing these will come one day is enough for me to use my Chamber Sordino's and Appassionata to layer with my Dimensions until they arrive.  I will definitely save my money for you guys!


  • Great, thx H, was hoping for this.

  • Does "yes" mean there will be another DS library one must purchase to get con sord (and other articulations)? Or does the Early Bird price include all later additions? John Melcher

  • Hi John, 

    Dimension Strings contain "only" normal articulations (no mutes). Whenever the con sordino articulations will be available, it will be a separate product.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yo Herb,

    great answer. Can you tell us if there are thoughts about a "Horror effects - expansion-Pack" for Dimension Products. I think that product would work as well.

    Ah ... I'll not ask anybody WHEN it will be recorded or available.[:P]

    Greetings Lars