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  • Getting MIR PRO 24... Should I get VE5?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm just about to buy a license for the VE5 and MIR PRO 24 bundle, and I've discovered that MIR PRO 24 can be used as a standalone plugin now. My question is: should I get VE5 anyway?

    I'm not a working composer (I compose primarily for my own enjoyment and exploration). I do most of my work in Sibelius with primarily VSL samples using VI PRO. Nothing weird or modern, just traditional 18th-19th century classical type material. 

    Is VE5 likely to make my life substantially easier? Are there useful features that I'd be giving up? 


  • Are you thinking of using MIR Pro as a plugin? It not, I may be behind the times, but I thought that the standalone was hosted in VEP 5 anyway. If you go the standalone route, how do you intend to get the audio out of Sibelius and into MIR Pro?


  • Yes, as a plugin. This would be something I could do with just the regular version of VE, no?

  • I don't know. There are special Preferences that have to be set for MIR, so if it's not mentioned in the manual I would just email and ask.


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    actually, we silently just released MIR Pro Plug-In. MIR Pro may now be used as an AU/VST/RTAS/AAX plugin as well, directly in your host, without using VEPro 5. More information can be found at:

    MIR Pro product page

    MIR Pro Plugin Preliminary Manual Add-On

    MIR Pro - More space for your music from 2:35 and forwards.

    You can download the installer for the MIR Pro Plug-In from your User Area

  • thanks VSL!  I'll be interested to try this, although I can't take my MIR pro away from my main slave PC.  I'm sure I'll purchase another license of MIR pro 24 eventually, but it might be nice to have another licensing option to only run this new plugin.

  • Hi VSL Team, Thank you for the plugin version,but

    I am very jealous as a VEPro 5/MIR Pro user,because I can not change icon colour like the plugin version

    Regards, Willy

  • I see on the web page you get the

    NEW: Vienna MIR PRO 24 is also available as a dedicated plug-in, supporting the formats AU/VST/RTAS/AAX. Benefit from Vienna MIR PRO 24 without additional software directly in your favorite sequencer.

    but i can not find the plugin to dounload the Plugin

  • Look in:

    User Area/Software/MIR/MIR Pro

    If you can't see it, clear your browser cache and try again.


  • I dont see it

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    This is a direct link. USER AREA => SOFTWARE => MIR PRO.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL