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  • Dimension Strings - auto divisi

    I am tempted by Dimension Strings (after having sworn to myself only 2 weeks ago, "no more string libraries")

    Although I never bought Dimension Brass, I was impressed by Auto Divisi.

    Is there something similar in Dimension Strings?  (Does it even make sense I'm wondering? )



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    @drew buchan said:

    I am tempted by Dimension Strings (after having sworn to myself only 2 weeks ago, "no more string libraries")

    Haha... absoultely the same with me! 

  • Perhaps the original poster (and more certainly, I) am behind on the learning curve with Dimension instruments. I think his question is, how do we play one note and get all 8 violins, 2 notes with four violins per note, and three notes to get, well, 3 + 3 + 2. The divisi in the video was four tracks playing two violins per track. 

    So the emphasis on the question is not divisi, but AUTO divisi within one instrument.  

    I decided absolutely that my last string library was the Prosonus CD's I got in 1991. 

  • This is a part of the video I didn't understand, too. They show a score with no divisi (there is no "split" in the score, non of the instruments is playing two notes - what is my understanding of "divisi"). Maybe they should provide another video without using MIR (which I don't have) to make more obvious what they mean.

  • I believe there are no auto-divisi matrixes like there are for Dimension Brass the reason given being the complexities of potential string divisi compared with Brass. However there are factory patches of 2,4 and 8 violins. So to create a more realistic divis than the other VSL string libraries you can have 2 instances of 4 violins in unison then divide them by having different notes on each instance. There are many other combinations that you could try to achieve the acoustic result you are looking for.

    So no auto-divisi but with a bit of track management a true divisi option is now available.


  • Yes, my orginal question was whether if playing, say a chord, the software would automatically play the separate notes on different different violins.

  • I do not own Dimenstion Strings, but there is absolutely no doubt that this behavior is 100% produceable (play a chord, and it splits the notes).  All you have to do is build your own simple cell matrix and it will do it automatically.  The only requirement necessary to do this is VI PRO.  I do not believe the free version does auto-division of patches.

    If you have VI PRO (I am no in front of my DAW) you simply load up 4 different patches of the 2 chair divisi sections, then go to the Voicing tab and tell it how to behave with 2 notes, 3 notes or 4 notes.  You can set it up to do things like, if I play 3 notes, Patches 1+2 are note 1, Patch 2 and 3 are note 2 and 3.  Or if you play 2 notes, Sections 1 and 2 play note 1 and 3 and 4 play note 2.

    I also know they made a video on this to show you how to set it up.  I believe it's the VI PRO demonstration videos, not the "samples" videos.  If you go to PRODUCTS, SOFTWARE, choose VIENNA INSTRUMENTS PRO on the left of the screen.  Then choose VIDEOS.  Watch the one called AUTO-VOICING.  As you can see, you can do auto divisi of ALL VSL products.

    Hope that helps.