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  • The futur of ''old'' VSL libraries

    First of all,  congratulation for the VSL  team for their last product,  the Dimension Strings!  What an amazing release!  This,  coupled with Mir Pro,  VI Pro 2, the outstanding number of articulations available for all your collections...  The quality of these sampled articulations,  the quality of your programming...  [:|]

    Seriously,  you are such an wonderful company!  Passionate,  revolutionnary,  maniac  ( [:D] )...  I couldn't imagine doing my work without all your tools...

    I created this thread to bring up an important point... Like the Boss said : 

    With the release of Vienna Dimension Strings, do the other Vienna Symphonic Library string products become redundant?

    Our motto, in the 12 years of Vienna Symphonic Library’s history, has always been to develop products that expand the existing product range rather than making former products obsolete. This applies to Vienna Dimension Strings as well. Of course they may be used by themselves, but the timbre of a huge string section, such as our Appassionata Strings with 20 violins, cannot be replaced by 8 violins. On the other hand, adding some or all of the new Vienna Dimension Strings violins to the Chamber StringsOrchestral Strings or Appassionata Strings expands their spectrum, and their possibilities, in a tremendous way. If you look at it that way, Vienna Dimension Strings will provide a huge increase in value for the existing string ensembles.

    ...  Vienna Dimension is not a product to replace the older libraries,  it's there to complete them,  and push further their possibilities...  I'm starting to understand this...  After all this time...  [:D]

    Even with the huge amount of time that between the Dimension libraries and the Standard (and extended of course) release,  the only thing that can really make them differs in quality (I'm not talking about divisi here,  but the quality of the samples),  and make one appear truly older than the newer,  are the performance articulations.

    2 velocity layers versus 4 velocity layers makes a really big difference.  Performance patches are the heart of a virtual instrument and what makes it alive.  

    Since the Dimension products are complementary of the Standard product,  is there any possibility that the VSL team updates the performance patches of the old libraries?  

    Doing that would improves a lot the anciens library! That would make them 6-7 years younger!  That would make them to the new standard of quality that the Dimension series have reached.  Then this would be the absolute perfect combination of VSL libraries, both in possibilities,  and in quality.

    Thank you again for you amazing work!  The olders libraries are so big and full of ressources,  it would be truly amazing if you could upgrade them and put up to date.