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  • Basic set up of VEP5 for Reaper or Logic.

    Hi, ., I'm testing VEP5 because i would like to buy but i still have problems to set up and i would like to be able to use it before the end of the demo . (few days) I use Reaper and Logic so will be the same if you refer to both ( if i understand my issue in one sequencer i will be able to do it in the other one as well). Basically I open the VEserver and create an instance. I open my sequencer (reaper in this case) add an instrument track and load the instance of VEP. Now on this VEP instance i create an instrument track and i load an instance of "play" (east west) for example and here I load 16 instruments ( or less) on 16 or less midi channel. So my questions are: 1) How can i get the sound of those 16 midi channel speared in 16 tracks of VEP? I suppose i have to choose the right midi port and the appropriate midi channel in all the tracks in VEP but i don't know how. 2)Once i've done this and i have all the sound i need in VEP, how can i get them back in Reaper ( or logic)??? I mean i should be able to select and play on a track in reaper that calls a specific patch loaded in Play which is loaded in VEP.

  • hey, did you ever figure it out? I got it working in Cubase but would like to get it working in Reaper but can;t figure it out.Let me know how you did it with Reaper if you get a chance. thnx G