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  • VSL EP CPU Usage and efficiency


    So I have recently upgrade my VSL EP on a PC slave from ver 5.0 to 5.1 and to my surpise the new version seems to use a LOT more CPU. I have mainly Kontakt and Play in my template using Spaces reverb and I have to turn off several instances of Spasces to get the template to run as it did in version 5.0. Has anyone else noticed 5.1 chewing up more CPU> Is MIR operating in the background somehow? I saw the minimum specs had been updated with the upgrade so that might reflect a change. I suppose mroe importantly is there anything other than adjusting the buffer setting one can do to improve the performance?

  • Yes, I noticed this too, my template which runs fine on 5.0 didn't run anymore on 5.1 becasue of ASIO spikes. I'm running at 128 kb buffer on a 3930k. My 2 slaves are a Q6600 and a Q8300..

  • That is definitely not intentional. I'll have a look at what could possibly cause this.

  • I can't find any reason for a performance decrease in the VE Pro changes. Were you using the regular VI (not VI Pro) in VE Pro before?

  • No, I don't use the instruments at all.. Only kontakt. I did install the instruments because the plugin kept complaining on every instance-load that it's not installed anymore and I need to do so myself. I rolled back, but I can do another test in a couple of days? without installing the new VI. Maybe it was in some way related to that..

  • I just sent you all the tech specs and everything Karel by email but in essence as above, I use Kontakt 4 and 5, and lots of Spaces. Exactly the same templte which ran in 5.0 wouldn't in 5.1. Any information would be gratefully received!

    Thanks for looking into it 

  • Well went back to 5.0.10738 this morning and everything works fine again - greatest relief is that the older version would load metaframes resaved with 5.1.11262 (phew) 

  • I think it might be to do with the thread count settings and the number of cores VSL EP uses and how that ties up wtih Kontakt and with it is set ot use multicores as well. It may also be that the defaults changed in one of the upgrades and that has thrown off some combinations of multicore machines + Kontakt. I set all my thread counts to 2 and turned off multicore in Kontakt and it seems to have helped the CPU quite a lot. This is deeply techie stuff and I don't really understand it. I did find a really good explanation elsewhere on this forum which might help: