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  • VSL Jazz Drums maps ?

    Hallo all, I recently downloaded these VSL drums, which are astounding, congratulations to all involved. Before I start the long tedious job of making a drum map for use with the drums in nuendo (read cubase), does anyone know whether someone has already made maps ? not for the GM kits obviously, but both full kits, ie sticks and brushes, all articulations. When and if I get them done I will put a link up here for anyone else who might want this (don't hold your breath). I thought about making expression maps but as there are so many articulations I don't think that would be practical as it would get in the way of the VSL keyswitches already in the kit. Drum maps seem the best option to me. Cheers, Mike

  • actually it wasn't so bad, message me if you would like a copy of the 'sticks' kit map, Mike

  • OK so here is a link to the 'sticks' map Best, Mike (Updated with ketswitches 24 Aug 2012)

  • and here are the brushes ---

  • Hi, I would love a copy of the Jazz Drums maps for both sticks and brushes. I like the super drums that VSL developed for VE, but I don't see a way to use them in real time, since they are spread out over multiple channels. I am hoping that your mapping will provide ready access to the many drum "articulations" in real time. Incidentally, I plan to do some mapping of all of the Upright Bass articulations for use in the same manner. If I do that, I will send you a copy, in case you are interested. I have an OHM RGB, and I plan to use it for control over articulations and matrices, since it's buttons are arranged in a matrix configuration. Thanks in advance for the drum maps! Marcus Crenshaw

  • Marcus, sent you a message with these. Anyone who has trouble with those links just message me. Cheers, Mike

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    Hello Mike

    I have tried to download your files for the VSL Jazz drum ; it is not anymore availlable

    Can you please send them to me at

    Many thanks in advance


    @mldunn said:
    OK so here is a link to the 'sticks' map

    (Updated with ketswitches 24 Aug 2012)

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