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  • Ensemble Pro 5/MIR Pro in Sonar X1...No Sound

    I watched all of the videos, read all of the manuals and addendums and I am unclear of how this new version of MIR/Ensemble is supposed to work.  First I followed the new August 2012 manual for ensemble for setting up Ensemble Pro 5 in Sonar X1 step by step.  It created an instance of Ensemble Pro 5 server connection, 16 audio tracks in Sonar with their inputs set to Ensemble and a new blank Ensemble/MIR window.  I added 16 MIDI tracks to Sonar as instructed.  I then added a new Vienna Pro instance to MIR and filled it with a matrix.  That track is set to MIDI channel 1 in Ensemble/MIR.  I set Sonar's MIDI 1 channel out to Ensemble.  I get VU movement in Sonar and in the track for Vienna Pro, but nothing in the Master channel and no sound.  The Ensemble track out is set for Master.  Is it supposed to loop back to one of the 16 audio channels auto created in Sonar?  It is very unclear to me how all of this is supposed to work in Sonar.  In the old days, when I had to use LoopBe for MIR, I had that all down pat.  This has me baffled.  64 bit Sonar Producer X1 Expanded with all 64 bit VSL, if that matters.  This is all on one computer and yes, the Ensemble Server is started first, before I create the project.  Help anyone?