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  • Is Vienna Ensemble Pro a good idea?

    Forever waiting for Apple to release the much anticipated proper Mac Pro Upgrade - I'm thinking this might be a solution for the medium term future. Is anybody using it in earnest? Is it working for you?



  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 5?

    The real challenge around here is finding someone who isn't using it in earnest.

    Try it..... and you'll understand.

    P/S: You'll continue using it even after getting that "Proper Mac Pro Upgrade."

  • Whoops--you've done the former, I'm afraid to admit.  I have Ens 4 loaded on my MacPro but don't use it.  I'm sure it's great, but since I'm not using a slave computer I didn't want to take the time to figure it out.  (aux tracks for automation, if using Logic Pro?  Is that still in effect?  I just want to click automation onto a track and go.)

    I finally broke down and ordered a "new" MacPro 6 core.  Will load Ens 5 onto (Mir for me finally) and use my 06 Mac Pro as a slave.  

    I suspect the advantages of Ens 4 probably outweighed the disadvantages, but to the unaguainted it just seemed like another layer on the onion, and I got along fine without it.        Cheers,  Tom

  • it is better to use the most powerfull Mac as a slave, specially with MIR PRO

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic
  • Really?  Why is that?  

    Also, I'm already struggling with the notion of having to relearn all my procedures if I want to use MIR.  I just read a 30 something page tutorial on how to set up Ensemble Orchestral Templates when using Logic Pro 9 and my head is spinning with the number of confusing steps and workarounds, just to do what I already do using Logic Pro and no Ensemble.  Right now, as someone whose not particularly technically adept, I keep asking myself-- what's the point of Ens 5, besides running MIR and connecting slave computers, I don't see the need for it.  

    I've watched the tutorials.  Still feel like there's something I'm not getting...  Ah well.  Once I've got the new MacPro and have it all running, I suppose my reservations will diminish.

  • Logic is using very little CPU resources, VEP with MIR PRO in 5.1 or 7.1 is a CPU exterminator

    This why you put Logic on the less powerfull computer and VEP on the most powerfull

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic
  • Thanks, Cyril.  Will keep that in mind.             Tom

  •  Hello,

    Use it...can not imagine working without it.

    Have never had a problem, using a PC with XP-64bit. Very, very stable indeed!

    Hope this helps?

  • VEP 5 allows me to use more of my ram. Until PT's comes out with a 64 bit upgrade we're fairly well limited. Love VEP 5,,, great program!! Mike

  • Thank you everyone for your valued comments.

    From what I have seen and read it offers great advantage but it looks a bit of a faff setting up all those returns in Logic though.

    Hits and tips with logic appreciated!