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  • VSL MIR latency compensation?

    So does MIR/VE Pro not properly compensate for latency in the host?  I am using Nuendo 5.5 here and it doesn't which is going to be a huge production pain in the ass.  I just did a test and exported a drum loop with MIR and without and the MIR effected track was delayed by the buffer and not correctly set in time.  This means I have to send every track in the project through MIR even if meant to be dry.  THe biggest issue is when recording.  I like to use asio direct monitoring when recording.  When I do this the track is in time with the other delayed MIR tracks but when I send to MIR it then is out of sync.  This means I will constantly have to manually correct timing on recorded tracks by the buffer amount.  Also, what if I chang the MIR Audio Input buffer or there are delay causing plugs inserted in the MIR project?  It will go out of sync again?  I could mix down a stereo mix and then record "live" but this still would cause the same problem since the rendered track is not synced as well.  Please tell me I am missing something?  I can only guess this is because the audio doesn't return from MIR on the source track and is "orphaned" coming back on a separate VE Pro track and Nuendo can't  calculate proper timing.

  • Do you have the current version of VE Pro / MIR Pro installed? Also could it be that you have Plugin Latency Compensation disabled in the VE Pro preferences? Or perhaps in Nuendo somehow?

  • Yes, I have the current version of VE Pro.  Latency compesation is checked in everything I can see.  One thing, in the Plugin Information in Nuendo each of the VSL plugins are listed with 0 latency.  I don't know if that's normal in this case.

    So should the rendered audio with MIR/VE Pro be in time when placed back in the project??  I am trying to figure out if this is a bug, something wrong with my system or is intended behavior.  If it's the latter it's a pretty big showstopper for me.


  • Okay, did some testing with a fresh project and it seems to be working correctly now.  First I tried using the vst 2 versions of VE Pro and Audio Input.  Then the vst3 versions.  All worked correctly.  However, I am thinking it's related to the vst3 version.  Everytime I use that in association with MIR over a network, while at first things work fine, eventually over a few sessions I will get audio muting of MIR tracks in playback (I've reported this before in other threads) and also when adding another Audio Input audio playback will become garbled (never happens with the vst2 version).

  • Do you happen to have a Nuendo project file where this behavior happens consistently?

  • Yeah, I could send you one.  Email it?  Or I could put it on my server.


  • You can put it on your server and e-mail the link to  for me. Thanks.