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  • Multiple slaves? What device?

    HI, Im really new to VEP pro 5, what is the device i need to be able to connect more than one slave via ethernet cable, And is there a way to also hook up the modem for the internet directly to thereat somehow, As of now I'm using macboopro as slave directly connected to iMac via ethernet, i was using the etherenet to connect the iMac to the modem that provides internet and i loose that when i need to use the ethernet for the macbook pro. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • A gigabit switch should solve all your problems

  • You need a simple router. There's no need to connect directly from machine to machine. Wall to modem, modem to router, and plug each Mac into the router.

  • But this more best :)

  •  No, a gigabit switch.  NOT a router, which will only have 100mps ports unless you sepnd big $$$

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