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  • Modified Sound Sets and Presets for Sibelius (Dynamics, Fast Rep, Grace Notes, and Custom Cells...

    Edit: I updated the Sound Sets for the Chamber, Orchestral and Appassionata Strings to include some Sound IDs that were missing.

    I'm not sure if anyone will find these useful, but I thought I'd share some Sibelius sound sets and presets I made as modifications of the existing ones for VSL Strings, Woodwinds, and Brass. Most importantly, I wanted to make it possible to use technique text to access the various dynamic patches, which are some of the best patches for adding realism in my view. Everything works exactly the same as in the original versions, with the following modifications:

    - Four new matrices, the content of which is fully accessible by Technique Text in Sibelius (no key switches or controller text required)

    • Dynamics: All dynamic patches can be accessed with syntax corresponding to the names of the patches. For example, the "VI_dyn-me_Vib_3s" patch for the solo violin can be triggered by adding the Technique Text "me vib 3", or the TrC_pfp_noVib_8s" patch for the trumpet can be triggered by adding the Technique Text "pfp novib 8". Also, adding "sfz" or "fp" in front of this text triggers combinations of the sfz/fp patches with the dynamic patches. For most instruments, these matrices only add a few MB to the total amount of memory used, and even for instruments with long lists of dynamics, the increase is less than 150 MB, which is large but not prohibitive.
    • Fast Repetitions: The fast repetition patches can be accessed with Technique Text such as "fast rep 170", or "fast rep 140 dyn" (for the dynamic versions of the repetition patches.
    • Grace Notes: All grace note patches can be triggered with text such as "grace 1" for minor 2nd grace notes, "grace 4" for major 3rd grace notes, etc.
    • Custom Cells: Twenty-four custom cells have been added and can be triggered with the text "custom 1", ..., "custom 24".

    - Uniform controller mappings and levels (adjusted to match those of the string presets)

    - A/B switches can be triggered with the Technique Text "A0" or "B0".

    - Velocity X-fade activated by default for all applicable presets

    - All cells disabled by default

    The modifications affect the extended versions of the following collections and instruments:*

    Solo Strings I

    Chamber Strings I

    Appassionata Strings I

    Woodwinds I+II

    Brass I+II

    Special Woodwinds

    Dimension Brass**

    Alto Saxophone

    Tenor Saxophone

    Fanfare Trumpets

    Bassoon II

    * Instruments not on this list can be used normally but without the new content, and empty matrices have been prepared for these instruments, so you can simply add your own patches to make them functional.

    ** For Dimension Brass, only the VI Pro versions of the presets for the individual instruments have been modified.

    If you would find these useful, you may download the presets and sound sets here. Just follow the detailed instructions provided.



  • This link doesn't work - I get a File 404 message - any reason for this?

  •  What really bothers me in this is that this was posted in 10th of june 2012 and the user never did any backup in this. Please give another link because this link is broken.

  • Hi Oceanview and ricardojvc6,

    I apologize for the broken link. There didn't seem to be any interest when I originally posted this, so I ended up just taking the link down. I've put it back up, so please download the files here if you like: 

    Modified Sound Sets and Presets

    I've made a few updates that aren't documented in the Guide. Most importantly, the presets and sound sets have been updated to function with the Dimension Violins and Celli. There still may be minor bugs, , so please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you can make good use of these sound sets!



  •  Thank you very much, but I have a concern. Did you test it out? I really don't want to catch fire on my pc and implode (if you don't mean it literally...). What you said in the beginning, i'm sure if it is just a saying or if you really mean it... but, oh well. Looks like I don't have sense of humor.

    Edit: Just tried, and it seems a bit broken. I created a str novib 3 with bass clarinet (download instrument) and it didn't work :|, I might need some help how to work with these.

  • Yes, I have tested the sound sets quite extensively, and use them regularly. Although you may find a few bugs here and there, I can say with confidence that your PC will not catch fire as a result of using them:)

    By default, when "vib" or "novib" is not specified in the original patches, the patches are programmed to respond to the "vib" command (and not the "no vib" command) in my sound sets. This is the case for the bass clarinet, so although the patches are not actually played with vibrato, they will only respond to commands such as "str vib 3" or "me vib 4" or "pfp vib 8", and NOT "str novib 3", etc. I realize this is something of a design flaw, and I apologize for the confusion. 

    In general, if you're ever unsure of which patches are available for a given instrument, just click on the "Dynamics" matrix of the modified preset for that instrument, and it should be clear.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem for you.



  •  Thank you very much! And yes now, it works now...

    I have another question: In the 2nd matrix of the bass clarinet L2 (modified), I added another row of samples but this time under of the normal trill it is a dynamic trill and I also added dynamic patches for repetitions and I also add other samples like long portato and molto sforzando. Is there a way to trigger these?

    Another question: Does this Soundset work with Trumpet in Bb (download Instrument)?



  • I'm glad that worked.

    If you add another row of samples under the existing row of that matrix, you will not be able to trigger the additional patches with technique text in Sibelius with my sound sets, unfortunately. The best way to do it at this time would be to add your additional patches to the fourth matrix ("Custom") and trigger them with the technique text "custom 1", "custom 2", ..., "custom 24". It's not the most elegant solution, but it'll allow you to trigger the samples without a lot of additional programming.

    I haven't made a preset for the Trumpet in Bb, but you can easily make one on your own. Just start with the "Trumpet CL2_Modified" preset and replace the existing patches with the corresponding patches of the Bb trumpet, and delete any leftover patches from the trumpet in C. Then just create a staff for the trumpet in Sibelius, and you should be all set.


  • Thanks. I'll try it out. I'm sort of a newbie in this. Btw, how do you work and trigger the Dynamics that has fp and sfz with the bass clarinet in this occassion?

  • That is kind of tricky, but it can indeed be accomplished with these sound sets. As described in the provided guide, to trigger the fp patch immediately followed by the strong 3-second crescendo, create the technique text "fp str vib 3". The Slot XF is mapped to CC20 and is set to 127 by default, so you then need to place the technique text "~C20, 0" shortly after the dynamic command. The exact placement of the CC20 text will vary, so experiment by moving it closer to or farther from the dynamic command. And don't forget to reset CC20 to 127 after the patch ends (ie, add the technique text "~C20, 127").

    Good luck!


  • I managed to get the Trumpet in Bb working properly. Now I'm missing the bosendorfer Imperial soundset. How do you use it?

  • I didn't make a sound set for the Bosendorfer; only the strings, woodwinds, and brass.

  •  Even though, How am I still able to use the Bosendorfer Imperial in Sibelius?

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