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  • VEP5 and Logic : Differect latency between each instances


    I'm using Logic 9 and Vep 5 both are latest version.

    I use PC for client.

    As you can see with included picture.

    One of instance have a 512 sample and others are 2048.

    Is it normal?

  • Actually... Instance Latency chaning everytime I load project.

    Sometimes 512 .. Sometimes 2048

    My I/O Buffer size in logic is 256

    And It also diferent between PC Instance and MAC Instance

  • Are you using the event plug-in?

    If so, it does that for me too.

    I went back to using multiple viframes and the server plug-in

  •  Thank you for reply.

    No. I use multiple-layer.

    and I changed to 2 instance (one for host, one for client) but still no luck

  • If you're not using the Audio/Event Input plugin (and thus the I/O Utility plugin), the latency displayed on the different VE Pro Server Interface plugins will depend on Logic's Live and Normal mode. This does not bother in practice, as the relevant track will always be in Live mode (lowest latency). There should be no audible issues apart from possibly having to start/stop the transport in Logic a couple of times to apply latency changes (Logic deals quite terribly with dynamic latency changes).