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  • Cubase, VEP Pro and EW Play

    Been covered already but im raising it again cause its really annoying.

    1. Create cubase project
    2. Add VEP Pro 5 instrument
    3. Add several play instruments in VEP
    4. Save & close project
    5. Reopen project
    6. VEP hangs loading play samples

    Workaround (that I know of):

    1. Save offending VEP instance
    2. Disconnect VEP instrument in cubase everytime I save and close the project
    3. Load VEP instance then load cubase project
    4. Manually reconnect VEP instance

    Is this going to be addressed at somepoint? Is there a better workaround?


  • Stuart, I have the same problem. It all worked until a couple of months ago

  • Forgot to mention that I use Sonar 8.5. The same problem occurs also in Sibelius 7

  • I just reported a loading problem with Play as well

  • There have been no relevant changes to VE Pro. Could it be that Play was updated in the meantime? Also see

  • Just another observation: If I save a metaframe with mixed instances of vse, play and kontakt I can open the server at any time and reload the metaframe without problem i.e. it loads the play instances just fine. Having the server open and then open sonar or sibelius and loading my project it stops when it comes to the first play instance Another problem I have to find a solution for is: If I open the server, load the metaframe and then opening sonar or sibelius and then opening my project, the instances are loaded again ignoring the already loaded instances and again stops when reaching the first play instance

  • maybe they should rebrand Play as Played.