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  • VEP5 isn't nulling with Pro Tools, why?

    I noticed that when I use Vienna Ensemble Pro to host my VIs (or send audio to VEP and then back), it doesn't result in a perfect null when I do the equivelent plugins in Pro Tools. 

    I tried using a single sample in Kontakt, and when I bounced the RTAS version to one track, VEP to another, and inverted the phase of one, they don't completely cancel each other out. The very first time I did that test today, it actually DID cancel, but when I tried again now they won't.

    What could be causing this? I've tried different buffer settings (for PT and VEP), different bit depths, disabling delay comp, etc, but I can't get it to null again. Does this mean that Vienna actually sounds different than Pro Tools or it just something funny going on? I'm wondering if I should stick to Pro Tools to avoid a change in sound quality. The strange thing is that the null test did work the very first time, but not since. 

    Does anyone know the reason for this? At what settings do they null perfectly, and should I be concerned about that at all?

    Thanks so much for the input 
    HD Native - Apogee Symphony I/O
    Mac Pro 6 core 3.33 Westmere 16 GB of RAM
    PTHD 10
    OSX 10.7.2

  • RTAS doesnt have dynamic latency compensation?