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  • No discount on MIR PRO 24 when you own VE PRO 5?

    Hi -- I am a registered user of VE PRO 5, in addition to VI PRO and Vienna Suite. Is there an upgrade offer to MIR PRO 24? I can't find any information about this on the web site. Best, Otto

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    Hi Otto,

    Welcome to our forum! Please excuse the delayed reply over the weekend.

    I'm afraid that there is no upgrade path for this. In my point of view, Vienna MIR PRO 24 is a great bargain in any case, with less then half the price tag of the big Vienna MIR PRO, with the only limitation being that you can only load 24 channels...

    By the way, you can demo Vienna MIR PRO 24 for 30 days! [;)]



  • Danke für die Antwort, Stefan. Dann werde ich die Demo versuchen. Otto