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  • Latency in Logic as well?!

    Hi VSL, I'm primarily a DP user, but occasionally use Logic for some types of projects. I've been having issues with the audio/midi event input plug-in latency bug as of late in DP, and I know that it seems to be a DP-side issue. However, in my last project in Logic I ran into what seemed to be the exact same problem as what I'm having in DP. My midi info shows up about an 8th note before my audio plays. I'm not using any audio/midi event plug-ins. Have 3 instances of VEPro connected to my PC slave. My setup is a 2011 Mac Mini Server running OSX 1.7.3 going into a i7 3930k PC running W7. I'm using Kontakt 5.0.1, Battery 3 and Omnisphere inside of the latest VEPro build. Logic is 9.1.7. Are there any settings that might affect this? I'm worried it's an issue on my side since this is happening with Logic which I haven't heard has any latency bugs!