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  • Option Drag Patch to Slot Loses Humanize Setting

    There you go: a subject heading worthy of a thesis. 

    Hey, since the purpose of Option-Dragging a patch into a slot is to preserve the mixer setting, could you extend the feature to preserve the humanize setting as well? My humanize settings are getting over-written, which is unfortunate when you're using Interval Map and you get a new "random in tune" in place of a "rise" or "fall." Thanks. 

  • Hmm. It's because of "Auto-Humanize." When enabled, that will overwrite a previously assigned humanize setting. I could make the case that, if the user is option-dragging, he hopes to preserve the behavior of the entire slot, and a default would not overwrite in that case. 

    Ah, these are the points on which history pivots.